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Write Dance


Write Dance is a handwriting methodology and handwriting method designed for all children in primary education. Write Dance tries to teach children to write starting from their own emotions and natural movements, giving it their own 'swing'.  Write Dance offers opportunities for movements to come naturally and all the actions are concentrated on making the children feel happy and comfortable with their bodies.

There is an introductory themed story and lyrics of a song and suggestions for movements and writing which is demonstrated by the adult, then the children move their bodies to the music, listening to the lyrics and it is amazing how well the children remember the movements and what comes next in the song!  Then we repeat the song and use streamers, scarves and ribbons to extend their movements and encourage them to look at the shapes they make.

The next session we use crayons, chalks etc to 'scrimble' as much as possible with both hands on large pieces of paper whilst listening to the music.  Scrimble means to work on a writing surface by scribbling, doodling, circling, experiencing and experimenting.

There are other activities and resources which can be used to encourage the children to scrimble:
- paint
- paintbrushes and water
- water bottles 
- shaving foam
- sand in a tray
- gloop
- mud and sticks


Gallery - please click to view

Picture 1 Concentrating on my scrimbles
Picture 2 Focussed and using two hands
Picture 3 Super scrimbles
Picture 4 All eyes on Mrs Frape
Picture 5 Enjoying the ribbons
Picture 6 Hands up - how high is the sandcastle!
Picture 7 Sandcastle tumbling
Picture 8 Moving our bodies to music
Picture 9 Moving our bodies to music
Picture 10 Telling the story- sand in our shoes
Picture 11 Using ribbons to extend the movements
Picture 12 Having fun using ribbons
Picture 13 Doing my scrimbles!(mark making to music)
Picture 14 Using two hands!
Picture 15 Engrossed in scrimbles
Picture 16 Engrossed in scrimbles
Picture 17 Using two hands!
Picture 18 Proud of my scrimbles
Picture 19 Good example of scrimbles