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Rhydypenau Primary School Expansion

26.06.13  Update

Planned works are due to start on Monday 8th July.  These will involve transferring the staffroom to the library. 

Following this, work will start to create the new classrooom within the current staffroom and cloakroom area, together with llinking doors to the adjacent reception classroom. 

Work is scheduled to finish on 9th August.  All furniture, materials and resources have been ordered.
Initial Parents Meeting
Following the proposals of Cardiff local authority to increase the intake of Rhydypenau Primary from 60 pupils to 90 pupils, governors invited all parents to a meeting at school to discuss the planned expansion. Graham Dalton, officer for school organisation and planning, was also present and he was able to respond to questions and concerns posed by parents.

Below is a summary of those responses:
Why is the reception class allocation increasing from 60 to 90 from September 2013?
The demand for school places is very high. With this in mind, the Council has decided to increase the reception class intake from 60 to 90 places from September 2013.
Is the catchment area for the school changing?
There are no current plans to change the catchment area. However, if there are insufficient places, the Council can consult on and change the boundaries of catchment areas.
Have the School Governors been involved in the decision?
Yes. The Governors’ priority concern was to make sure the additional places were available for children within the catchment area of the school. Whilst the Council remains unable to guarantee a place, it was agreed that it would be in the best interest of families seeking a place at our school in forthcoming years to increase the capacity of the school.
Could we have said “no” to taking extra children?
Fortunately, the Governors agreed the proposals, as it was felt that it was for the best for the future of the school and the community. However, the Council has the powers to impose such a decision to make sure it meets the demands of the local community.
Can you guarantee us that the correct procedures have been followed, why have the parents not been consulted?
The Council can increase the intake to a school for up to 3 years, without prior consultation. However, after this time, it would be a statutory requirement for any continuation of an increase of this size to go out to public consultation.
Governors were consulted on the proposed increase in February 2013 and offered all information to parents in March.
A letter to all parents was circulated in May to confirm the changes to the school from September 2013.
Does this mean that my child will definitely get a place if we are in catchment?
The Council has a statutory duty to offer your child a place at a school, but this does not guarantee that it will be at the school of your choice or within your catchment area.
The increase in the number of places will increase the chances of catchment children being able to obtain a place at the school, but will not be a guarantee.
It is important to note that all applications must be submitted by the deadline at all times, to increase your chance of getting your preferred choice.
Who will be paying for the work on the school to accommodate the extra children?
The Council will be funding the works as part of its capital programme.
As part of its 21st Century Schools programme, potential plans are being discussed to make more investment in the school and extend the building in the future to further improve the learning environment and to cater for additional pupils.
Are there any plans to sell off our playing fields to fund the development?
The Local Development Plan (LDP) ‘preferred strategy’ proposals, which covers up to 2026 was approved following public consultation last October, and did not include any existing school sites. 
The next stage in the LDP preparation process is the Deposit Plan (or full detailed plan) which is currently in preparation and is due to be considered by the Council in September 2013.
Will the works include repairing the leaks in the main building?
The Council has made a commitment to Governors to address the problems with the roof in the Year 4/6 corridor by the end of March 2014.
The Council have also confirmed they are getting costs for the fencing, they can then assess when they are able to carry out the work, in a possibly phased basis.
The Council is committed to assessing and monitoring this with a view to securing funding for this as soon as possible.
Will we be getting additional funding for teaching and support staff?
Yes, the school will receive funding to cover an appropriate number of staff, including teaching assistants.
Who do I contact in the Council if I have any further queries?
Please email your queries to
or telephone -029 2087 2720.