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Oh dear...there has been a terrible accident in the Lush laboratory! They really need the help of Year 6. Read the letter below and discover the challenge that has been set. 



Queen Street,


24th September 2016.


Dear Year 6 Children,

Thank you for inviting us into your school, we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent looking at the materials we use in our products and how they change.


At LUSH we were all very excited about the new range that was due to be launched at the end of the month.  However, as a result of an accident in the LUSH laboratories the launch date has had to be postponed. A range of materials required to make our 'top secret' product were laid out carefully in the science laboratory, unfortunately when the security guard was doing his night round, his guard dog escaped off the lead, ran into the laboratory desk and knocked it over. All the materials ended up in a huge mess on the floor. As soon as the mess was discovered, as much as possible was scooped up and bottled.


The LUSH design team desperately need your help.  The list of ingredients for the ‘top secret’ product has been mislaid.  Can you help them identify the different ingredients that would be included in their new product line?  We have included a sample of the materials that were bottled.


We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,



First we needed to learn about a variety of separation techniques and the different equipment that may be useful.

Dissolving Experiment